Save 15% on your course of Collagen Lift by purchasing this 3 month bundle. Each box contains a one month supply of 28 ampoules. We recommend Collagen Lift should be taken for an initial 12 weeks, with subsequent top ups of 4 weeks supply after a few months, or simply maintain with a reduced dosage of 1 ampoule every 2 or 3 days.


  • Clinically proven to decrease wrinkles
  • Clinically proven to increase skin hydration and elasticity
  • Clinically prove to increase skin collagen density
  • With added Mediterranean seaweed and vitamin C
  • Increases the skin's collagen production from the inside


How to take:

Supplement your diet with one ampoule of Collagen Lift every day mixed in a glass of water or fruit juice and start looking younger. Each box contains 28 ampoules for a one month supply. 

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