Verisol® is the key ingredient in Collagen Ageless™. Recent clinical trials have shown that a daily dose of 5g of Collagen Ageless™ significantly reduces wrinkle depth after four weeks, and almost doubled its effect after 8 weeks.


Trial 1 - Reduction of wrinkles

Reduced by as much as 50% and long-lasting effect



Trial 2 - Skin Elasticity

Skin elasticity improved by as much as 30%



Trial 3 - Skin hydration

Skin hydration by more than 10%



Trial 4 - Collagen Content

Increased collagen content by 65%





Before, Day 0 | After, Day 60





“I started using Collagen Lift™  and within the first 3 weeks I noticed that my complexion was brighter and my face was plumper.  After 6 weeks the redness in my cheeks was less prominent and my skin was more radiant.  At the end of 8 weeks, some of the lines at the corners of my eyes had shortened, the lines around my mouth became less prominent and one frown line between my eyebrows had shortened.”

Annette Delport



Before, Day 0 | After, Day 28


Before, Day 0 | After, Day 28






“I decided to try Collagen Lift™ to see if it would improve my dry skin. In winter it is particularly bad, with my hands being the worst. I am a runner so my hands really take a “beating” during early morning runs in the cold. It dries out my already dry skin even more and at times my hands/knuckles would get so dry that the skin would crack and bleed. This is of course very uncomfortable and sore…

I am now at the end of my 4th week on Collagen Lift™ and I have seen an enormous improvement. My hands look so much better and the redness of the skin appears to have gone away too. What I have also noticed is I no longer have to rush to apply my facial moisturiser after I wash my face. My skin no longer has that extreme dry and tight feeling after cleansing.”

Celeste Fivaz